Welcome Change and Growth!

Two Full Years

Networking, recruiting, vetting, mentoring, interning, coaching, launching. These are some of the elements of leadership development in the 22 internships we have facilitated over the last two years. We are thrilled to work with an incredible group of existing Wesleyan Holiness leaders and even more excited to participate alongside outstanding young people in helping them discover their vocation! In the past two years we have aided in equipping interns to go on to work at Portland Rescue Mission, be prepared for missions, begin the process of ordination, go on to graduate school at Yale and Princeton, lead on their colleges campuses and much more!

Learning through Serving

Michael Ely (pictured above) is a sophomore at Warner Pacific College and was an intern over the summer with the Salem Missional Community Network. Michael was willing to serve however needed among the community this summer. He spent much time investing in the lives of others through working with Church at the Park connecting with those who struggle with addiction and mentoring high school students through Care Corp with the Ike Box. Finally, Michael was glad to have several opportunities to grow in undeveloped skill-sets from fixing cars, to painting, yard work and construction. From Michael’s perspective, “These last few months have been amazing! I got the opportunity to intern within many different communities in Salem, Oregon and I went all in. I have never felt so loved and at home when I was so far away. After living in Salem I can say it is a second home. Thank you to the people I got to meet and become friends with, You guys truely made this awesome! God is so great.”


Changing Our Name

We have deliberated over the last few months on a new name for the Center. This fall we have updated the CTL to become The Leadership Center. Our focus is the same, empowering leaders and growing ministries through internships, mentoring, training and scholarship. And we continue to love collaborating with Wesleyan Holiness communities and colleges to find and equip leaders for the future of the kingdom!

Know a Leader?

We are continually looking for leaders who invest in the lives of young people toward creating healthy whole ministries throughout Oregon. Check out our website OregonCTL.org to learn more about the Leadership Center. Message us onFacebook to connect on leadership opportunities in your community or an excellent potential leader you want us to know about!