Regional Equipping on Mentoring

Over the last few weeks throughout Oregon we have held multiple pastors connection and resource lunches. We are connecting our pastors with information about the CTL while equipping them with elemental truths on the value of mentoring.

“An organization that is not capable of perpetuating itself has failed. An organization therefore has to provide today the people who can run it tomorrow. It has to renew its human capital. It should steadily upgrade its human resources.”  — Peter Drucker

Our task is to make disciples.We know we have made a disciple when the person we are discipling begins to replicate what we have taught them with others.

To follow the direct command and action of Jesus, we do two things when we mentor:

  1. We stick with the basics- building a foundation on the truth of God’s word in action
  2. We spend time being with those we mentor, helping our lives and work absorb into them in transparent ways.

As we are obedient to Jesus in making disciples, we effectually invest in leaders for tomorrow.

Questions for Reflection:

  • Think of a person who has mentored you. What one or two things did they do to make an impact in your life?
  • What step can you take today to start making an investment in a new leader?