Partnership with George Fox University

Both George Fox Seminary and University are excited to partner with the Free Methodist Church here in Oregon. As I met with administration over the last 2 months, they have repeatedly said now is the time to create internship opportunities at local churches with the students of Fox.

In my recent meeting with Chuck Conniry, dean of George Fox seminary, he shared that he has hoped for greater partnership with the Free Methodist Church and communicated that the university and seminary are ripe ground for having a strong Free Methodist presence.

Sarah Baldwin, the campus pastor for George Fox University explained that Robin Baker, President of George Fox, has charged the religion department to create faith based internships. She said that now is a great time to begin an internship program through the Center for Transformational Leadership and hopes that we will have 10-20 applications for interns through her office alone this year.

Currently, 1800 undergraduate students are in attendance at the university, with the largest affiliations to churches being either non-denominational (585 students) or no denomination (270 students). George Fox University has over 50 students currently being educated for ministry in the church, with the vast majority of them unconnected to any denomination or ministry family to practice the ministry for which they are preparing. 175 students at George Fox Seminary are receiving graduate degrees, sure they want to minister, but unclear of the setting or denominational context.

We are excited for the partnership that is developing and the prospects of interns for the 2012-2013 school year! There are so many incredible leaders who have come through George Fox…let’s empower a few more this year!