Intern Spotlight: Shea Krevi

Theologia: The George Fox University Summer Theology Institute was a success this past week! After a week of theological exploration, Scholars left with new friendships and new outlooks on life. This first summer is one for the books! The next intern we want to introduce you to is Shea Krevi, a Junior Interdisciplinary Studies of Business and Christian Ministry major at George Fox University. He is currently interning for SEED (Sustainable Empowerment through Economic Development) Livelihood Network, the international livelihood ministry of the Free Methodist Church USA. We’ve asked Shea a couple of questions to learn more about him and how his internship is going so far!

How did you first learn of The Leadership Center?
A: Trisha Welstad came to speak to one of my Christian Ministry classes freshman year but I didn’t really feel a pull to apply until I heard it for the second time this past year.
Q: What has been one highlight of your internship so far?
A: A highlight has definitely been given the opportunity to live with the directors of the organization. I spent the first month of my summer in Indianapolis, where I worked at the Free Methodist World Ministry Center interning for SEED. Rather than have me go out and find a place to stay and pay rent, the directors of SEED (David and Rose Brewer) invited me, basically a stranger at the time, to live with their family for the entire month that I was there. I not only spent valuable time learning in the office, but through fruitful conversation back at the house. I like to describe the experience as being very “rich” in knowledge and wisdom.

Q: What has been one difficulty?
A: One difficulty has been trying to share the story of what we do with others in a way that does not highlight the circumstances of the impoverished communities. We try to explain our work by highlighting the beauty, skills and determination of our partners.

Q: What is your dream job after graduation?
A: I am still figuring that out. God has given me 100% of my vocational direction just within the past 6 months. I am really trying to figure out if I am meant to take on an entrepreneurial spirit and start by own development organization or if my post-graduation path will lead me to support a similarly focused group instead. 

Q: How did going through orientation and theo-praxis help?
A: We are still working through the 7 theo-praxis lessons but it has been phenomenal to have such valuable resources at our fingertips. I am continually thinking about how I can keep applying those theological concepts and lessons to my college life in the fall.

Q: How has being mentored impacted you?
A: I have never really had a mentor before (besides my parents) so have someone I trust to be able to ask all sorts of questions to have been a game-changer. Mentor-ship is so important and I know that both David and Rose will always be just a phone call away for any questions I have as I enter the world of international community development. 

Q: What has God been teaching you during this internship?
A: God has really softened my heart throughout this process. He is drawing me close, showing the care, joy, hopes and dreams that He has for my life so that I can pour those same gifts over the people around me, and the people we serve through this internship. 

Q: What will your Legacy Project be?
A: I have just started working on a new resource branch for SEED. It will be called the “Business Resource Network” and the goal is to provide a brand new structure for business professionals to offer their knowledge and experience to our livelihood groups around the world. It will create opportunities for people to serve as coaches and for groups to get professional advice as they grow their businesses for sustainable living.

Please be praying for Shea as he continues to serve where God leads!