Intern Spotlight: Dani Schmaltz

We are ecstatic to introduce you to Dani Schmaltz, a native of Madras, OR, and a George Fox University Sophomore majoring in International Studies. Dani is currently interning for Madras Free Methodist Church. We were able to catch up with Dani to learn more about her and how her internship is going so far!

Q: How did you first learn of The Leadership Center?
A: I learned about the Leadership Center when Trisha came to speak to my BIBL 102 class about internships for the summer.
Q: What has been one highlight of your internship so far?
A: The highlight of my internship has been being able to develop relationships with people across cultural and linguistic barriers as well as getting to see these sorts of relationships form among members of the congregation.

Q: What has been one difficulty?
A: My biggest difficulty has been finding ways to gain people’s trust and to help them move outside of their comfort zones

Q: What is your dream job after graduation?
A: My dream job would be to own and operate an international nonprofit organization that helps meet the practical needs of suffering people around the world while working with locals and other organizations to reach the goal of economic equality.

Q: How did going through orientation and theo-praxis help?
A: Theo-praxis has provided me an opportunity to review some of the key doctrines of my faith and to come to understand them better.

Q: How has being mentored impacted you?
A: Being mentored by Pastor Edgar has afforded me the opportunity to learn from his wisdom and experience. It has also provided me with guidance and advise for growth in both leadership and faith.

Q: What has God been teaching you during this internship?
A: Throughout my internship, God has been teaching me about the importance of unity within the church. This unity may often be difficult to achieve, but your efforts are greatly rewarded.

Q: What will your Legacy Project be?
A: My Legacy Project will be a program called “One Table” wherein Hispanic and Anglo families of the congregation come together to share a meal and to build relationships.

Please be praying for Dani this summer as she continues to serve at Madras Free Methodist Church!